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One day students around nations will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education, and we are facilitating them

We are taking learning a step further by bridging digitally the physical distance between the students and the teacher/mentors. Carvingbrain is based on artificial intelligence. It learn your pattern in order to suggest you how you can achieve better and score higher. It assists students to track their progress, parents to monitor their child and teachers to examine their class. A better way to understand the strength and weaknesses and learning insight and to guide them towwards a better future.

What we do

A scientific way of learning for better understanding

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Understand all the weaskness of your child, to guide them for a better future.


All the learning insight of child shared with related teachers, for better child-teacher understanding.


Analytics guiding students to complete syllabus, learning pattern, and syllabus understood scientifically.

What we do


Internet is full of information, but we makes the difference by extracting data, so that you get what you need at that moment.


Notes related videos. If you don't understood someting from notes, no worries. We have related videos for better clearification.


Ask question or show your knowledge to the world. Simply ask anything and linguists around will clear your doubts.

Study Pattern

Know how much you read last year, so that you can have a comparision graph to compete with yourself.

Online Interaction

Got any query, simply login and ask your query from class teachers or subject teachers.

Sample Papers

Practice before actual exam with our Solved and unsolved quesion paper section and sample papers.

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