• Interview Do's & Don't

  • Here are the keys to successful job interviewing. Job seekers who follow these simple rules and guidelines should achieve success in this important phase of job-hunting.

  • Do make sure that your hands are attractive. This means spotlessly cleaning with trimmed nails.

  • Do make sure your hair is in place and conservative.

  • Do pay attention to your scent. Women with powerful perfumes and men with intense colognes can destroy interviews. Moderation is recommended.

  • Do go to the rest room before you visit the employment lobby. It is embarrassing to interrupt an interview, and you want to be as comfortable as possible.

  • Do get a good night's sleep before each day that you search for employment. If you yawn in the lobby or smother a yawn during the interview, it will cost you. Be rested and at your alert best.

  • Do try to sparkle! Use gestures in your conversation. Make sure they are smooth and emphatic.

  • Do smile.

  • Do make sure you get the interview's name right and use it a few times in the interview.

  • Do have some money with you. You never want to be in the embarrassing position of having to say, "I don't have any money with me." The employer will almost always pay any expenses for something the company asks you to do.

  • Do take notes if you wish. Write down some questions before you go into the interview.

  • Do let the interviewer set the pace of the interview. Let him or her lead with the questions.

  • Do let the interviewer decide when the interview is over.

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