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We are taking learning a step further by bridging digitally the physical distance between the students and the teacher/mentors.

Carvingbrain is based on artificial intelligence. It learn your pattern in order to suggest you how you can achieve better and score higher.

It assists students track their progress, parents monitor their child and teachers examine their class. A better way to understand the strength and weaknesses and learning insight.

  • Artificial Intelligence based learning system
  • Parents: Analytics for Parents
  • Teachers: Class analysis for teachers
  • Students: Learning system for students
  • Institutions: Strong School/College management system (ERP)
Students, Parents & Teachers

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Notes and related videos, Sample Papers, Important Questions, E-Books and learning insight managed by Artificial Intelligence for better understanding.


Manage class and understand students weak areas. Best part is our Artificial Intelligence system will help you track students learning pattern of every individual student of class.


Understand your child's education in more analyzed manner. Detail analysis as well as strong and weak areas where you can help them understand.
What's in for Students



Internet is full of information, but we makes the difference by extracting data, so that you get what you need at that moment.


E-Books on the go. Make notes using our program which makes you enable access these notes when you need it.



Notes related videos. If you don't understood someting from notes, no worries. We have related videos for better clearification.

Sample Papers

Practice before actual exam with our Solved and unsolved question paper section and sample papers.

Chapter view

Chapter wise graph and chater insight so that you can understand where you lack. Learn in analysed manner.

Study pattern

Know how much you read last year, so that you can have a comparision graph to compete with yourself.

Online Interaction

Got any query, simply login and ask your query from class teachers or subject teachers.


Ask question or show your knowledge to the world. Simply ask anything and linguists around will clear your doubts.


Crisp news from best resources at single place. Choose from different categories and stay updated.

Question Papers

We have managed Question papers for you, so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Convert in any language

Now you can read all your class notes in any language you feel convenient for better understanding.

Regional Languages

Not just in english, search content in your own regional languages. Making search easy.

Bringing ease for


Student profile

You can now keep your student information, statistics in one place. Complete student profile, parents details etc at ease.


Keep track of students academic life, this brings teachers, parents and students together to evaluate on the record of each student.

Notice Board

Sending notice, notification was never easy before. Simply choose student list and send notice to them as we as parents.


Manage library, books count, issues, fees dues and inventory management. It keep track of everything seamlessly.


Now you can post your assignment for class on this program and every student gets notifications as well as their parents making communication easy.


Crisp news from best resources at single place. Choose from different categories and stay updated, without these annoying ads.


Help your students to clear their doubts asked on our discuss panel. Answer to enlight the world with your knowledge.

Results/Report Cards

You can declare class result on our panel and every student as well as their parents get to know achieved performance report.

Internal messaging system

Massenging service to make communication more convinient and analysed. Connect with other faculty as well as student's parents.

Connecting Technology & Learning

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