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Student Analysis System

Connecting Technology & Learning


A set of user-friendly functions to aid in analyzing, managing and relating data to find important solutions.It provides and easy to learn method to explore ERP data. A very very user-friendly with a little knowledge of basic computer. It can manage attendance, marksheet, homework and class-perfomance at a matter of clicks.

World class services

"Quality is never an accident. With a team of 82 professionals and a cumulative experience of more than 400 years Our ERP is backed by a leaders of industry with a rich legacy of caring for its precious clients, and providing guaranteed high quality after sales service.

Cost Effective

Persistence quality and rich experience combined with huge user base leads to cost effectiveness. Toegther we make sure our service, will be pocket friendly for today and tomorrow.

About Us

Facilitating Learning

We are taking schooling a step further by bridging digitally the physical distance between the students and the teacher.

Carvingbrain is an educational site run by a team which is driven everyday by the obsession of making studies manageable, analytical and productive. It assists students track their progress, parents monitor their child and teachers examine their class. A better way to understand the strength and weaknesses. Learn easy learn more..

Product & Services

Teacher – Parent – Student


    Student can LogIn..

  • Teachers

    Teacher can LogIn..

  • Parents

    Parents can LogIn.. carvingbrain

  • Analysis




Manage fees and other financials

Manage fees and other financials at a matter of click. Ledger,voucher management, balance sheet.


Everything related to attendance

Everything related to attendance domain, student attendance,staff attendance and attendance analysis.


Set timetable and Our programme

Set timetable and Our programme will make sure you stick on.


Detailed report about students

Detailed report about students and staff.


Still you need something more

Still you need something more, drop us a text or Contact us.


Helping to maintain database

Helping to maintain database, user credentials, activity logs, database backups etc..


Manage inventory

System helps to Manage inventory.


Provide assignment to the student’s online.

These modules will help the teachers to add and provide assignment to the student’s online, students can complete the assignments and upload so that teacher can cross verify.


Website Management

With our system, we give you free website management andmobile application service.


Class wise schedules.

Exam schedule, class wise schedules can be uploaded by staff without hassle.

Parents / Student

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  • Daily Attendance

    Manage your student's or group's attendance easily! Quickly track the attendance of your class, group or any gathering of people! Analyse class at an ease.

  • Image Gallery

    Share images from sports, events, and seminars of your school. Login and see all the images. Download and share to the world.

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  • Interview/Prep

    Got a job interview coming. Visit our interview help section for everything related to job. Job FAQs, interview checklists, do’s and don’ts and resume builder at single place.

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  • Fee Dues

    Due dates related to fees. Click and get all the info at a matter of click.

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  • Online Interaction

    Got any query, simply login and ask your query from class teachers or subject teachers.

  • Messaging

    Login to send and receive messages from school, class teachers and specific subject teachers.

  • Prior information about school events and holidays

    School organizing an event, picnic or holiday info, everything at a matter of login.

  • Online Leave application

    Urgently need to go somewhere? Parents, login and apply online leave application on the go.

  • Regular and prompt availability of school updates through articles

    Stay updated with news and other school articles. Every school info available at a single tab.

  • Feedback System

    Help us make better with our online feedback system. Got any complain or suggestion, simply login.

  • News

    Crisp news from best resources at single place. Choose from different categories and stay updated.

  • Discuss

    Want to share knowledge to the world, discuss anything and everything in our discuss panel.


  • Student profile

  • Worksheets

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  • Notice Board

  • Library Dues

  • Assignments

  • Results/Report Cards

  • Online Query

  • Messages from teachers

  • Online Leave application

  • Internal messaging system

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